In order to maintain breeding/selling quality mice, I do practice "hard culling" I will not hide that fact, despite it being a touchy subject for pet owners.
Those who wish to know more, or who care to argue.. can message me. 🤷 
Selling feeders is basically selling my culls, to give them a chance to go on to feed another creature.



Pinky Mice (1 to 3 days old)

(Most often available)

$0.25 each
$2 for 10 pinkies
$3 for 15 pinkies
$6.50 for 30 pinkies

Pinky Mice (4 to 5 days old)

(2nd most often available)

Same pricing as "Pinky Mice (1 to 3 days old)"


(3rd most often available)

$0.75 each
$7 for 10
$10.50 for 15
$21.50 for 30


(4th most often available)

Pricing varies, as "Adults" can mean anything from a young adult, to an older adult. Even weanlings. 
Contact for availability.