This is the page, for the mice. Here you will find my current breeding plans, and any available mice. Along with my "Put to Rest Services"

Pricing- Will vary from mouse to mouse and will be posted next to them on the available section.


Current Breeding Plans

To be updated, check back soon.
-Last updated 12/16/20


Available Mice

None currently.

-Last updated 12/16/20


Put to Rest Services

There will come a time when your mouse gets old and weak and you may question if it's best to put them down.

Or, there may come a time where your mouse gets injured or sick and you cannot afford vet care for it which then putting to sleep would then become the best option. 

Have no fear, for every mouse bought from me.. I will humanely euthanize using one of the accepted AVMA methods. I will do this free of charge, though a "tip" is appreciated. 

For mice not bought from me, I'll ask for $5 per mouse.

Why am I offering this? Because I know that vet bills can get expensive.. especially for a little creature that may only cost $5-$15 to buy.. but no matter how cheap the creature, it shouldn't suffer. So for those who cannot afford medical care, and who don't want to let their mouse suffer.. here you go. Even if you can afford it and just would rather not spent the money for a vet to euthanize, here you go.